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Understanding the diet mind connection

So I believe sticking with a lifestyle change with your diet starts with the brain. Your mindset is everything. It's almost like a knowing or trust that your body is benefiting from your choices. Having the knowledge on what is really going on inside your body can be both mind blowing and scary. Oftentimes this requires research and finding the right professional that understands your body. Not someone that is going to regurgitate information from a book. The message here is take matters into your own hands. Find out what foods works best for you. Get proficient on nutrition and what nutrients are lacking in your body. Be inquisitive when it comes to your health, no one knows your body like you do. With all the chemicals in our foods and the abuse we put our bodies through it's hard to pick up on the communications your organs send to your brain. We live in a society where if it hurts get a pill. Most of the times these discomforts are the communications we miss. Our bodies are talking to us, Are you listening?

One of the best way to pick up on this language is to do a cleanse. Most diets require you to do some sort of introductory period which is usually about 2 weeks. These weeks are set up to where you eat from a particular restricted list of foods. This regulates the body to be able to pick up on the body mind communications. The idea is that during these 2 weeks your body rids it's self of all the foreign agents that we consume which helps your mind to pick up on signals sent by your body. You become very sensitive to everything. For me I realized how much hidden sugar and complex carbs were in the foods I was eating. I had brain fog and cramping in my gut which i thought was hunger. It was incredible and I just cannot go back to eating that junk.

Making a declaration to yourself may help with you actively making the correct food choices.


Most of the clients I have assist unfortunately waited until they received news of something major happening IE disease, or organ failure before they took their diets serious.

It is also not easy to avoid these chemicals, they are every where. Again meal prep is a big help.

Shopping at some health food stores can be helpful but most of them are commercially healthy and not to mention expensive. I make everything myself and i seek out dishes i can get from certain retailers that know me and are willing to make the adjustments that I desire. At the very least stay away form all sauces. Make or buy your sauces and bring it with you. Order grilled fish or meats with Vegetables and add your sauce. Sounds crazy but whats crazy is the junk in the sauce. After going through a withdrawal period from chemicals you will notice how horrible you feel when you body is reintroduced to it.

As a personal chef I aim to change this. I am currently working on offering people great sauces with stellar ingredients , awesome book recipes and really good diy informational materials.

Thanks for reading.

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