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Prepackaged foods and keto

The ketogenic diet can be a large learning curve for some, hense they find it easier to rely on foods that are sold in containers. Weather it's the keto bar, keto cookie, mayonnaise or even some of the fancy keto meal delivery service, it is not the best choice when stating keto. Making foods or meal prep can be daunting but you know exactly what you are consuming and not to mention it is the best choice. You also get the vital education on knowing what to look for when you try out some of these prepackaged products. Now please don't misunderstand me, some of these foods are great and they are time savers for sure but many of them contains ingredients that will not help in the long run. Stating out on keto you need to know exactly what you are consuming. In today's world what is printed on your packaged food it's not necessarily what is in the package, it's definitely debatable. Most unsuccessful keto attempts can be attributed to not knowing how to understand the ingredients that are being consumed.

Meal prep is so awesome and can really yield great results. It helps with the organization and the shopping. I strongly recommend meal prep for at least the first month on keto. Then you can slowly implement prepared foods and feel how they digest in your system. Research every ingredients that is not obvious before you system. These hidden chemicals can make or break your diet. Even the synthetic sugars should be avoided. They tent to increase hunger and cause you to consume more calories and they also do not digest well. Remember to just keep it simple. Personally I believe the most important foods to scrutinize are bottled sauces. OMG, they host many unfavorable ingredients which are hidden with fancy hard to pronounce words. They are also famous for the use of synthetic sugars. Please check out my keto food list for the approved sugar replacements. food list

With time spotting the hidden chemicals will be easy and also your system will alert you on any chemicals consumed.

Keeping it simple is key. The dish to the left you can look at it and see exactly whats in it. The only part of this dish that is not recognizable is the mayonnaise. I of course make my own mayonnaise. Again I just keep everything simple, egg yolks, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. A store bought mayo first of all is made with canola oil and other hidden ingredients. This will most defensively affect your energy, mood and alertness. Enclosing, read the labels on the foods that you are consuming. Research anything that you are not familiar with. At the very least meal prep for the first month on keto.

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