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My personal journey with weight loss and keto

So before being a personal chef I was responsible for helping my mother with all her events. Although I fought her the whole way because we think we know best when we are in our teenage years. Fast forward 25 years and I am throwing events for the who is who in Hollywood. During this time I also battled with weight management. I was taught that food is love which is not a bad thing but eating the right foods seems to not have been the focus. I have tried every diet known and with some good result and some not so good. The diets that helped me did not focus on the mindset aspect of losing weight and keeping it off. It was almost like " good I lost the weight I am done" . That did not work and of course it was back to the drawing board. Being around food everyday and tasting everything can really pack the weight on. Portion control is another fact that is often ignored when dieting. Some of the really successful diets that people rave about they focus on portion control. Eating out not only is the food bad for your health but they put 2 to 3 portions on one plate.

I spend 80 hour weeks working in hotels and for catering companies developing my craft. When I started orchestrating my own events, I was just so fulfilled. I was able to serve the food I wanted and at the time it was Caribbean European fusion with a health twist. This was well received and it lead me on the path I am currently on.

With a quick mention, prior to being a chef I had a very successful costume design career. I did films, TV and Broadway. So with that success my events were stellar on the design and culinary arena. My clients were so impressed that it lead me to cooking for an affluent clientele. This clientele was very health focus and I felt like it was a great fit for me. During this time I am still experiencing issues with my own weight and I felt no one would listen to me. A few years later I got a certification in nutritional counseling.

Now I had no excuse because I knew first hand the damages our conventional food can cause. It is just amazing when you can get someone off their medication with their doctors approval. It is and was everything to give my clients this gift. Because of confidentially agreements I cannot mention anyone's name.


I had a client who had multiple health issues and we were able to provide a dramatic increase in that clients health and their mental disposition alone was amazing.

Now when it comes to weight management, this is a mental game. If you can develop your mindset to fuel your body the weight naturally comes off. The more the mindset is developed the easier it becomes. So oddly enough working on myself lead me on this path of sharing how to develop ones mindset to do anything and in particular to eat healthy and fuel the body.

I was introduced to the Kentogenic diet through a celebrity client. I knew what the diet was but have never tried it. This was my opportunity to test this thing out and I had great results. Everything changed for me. I particularly gravitated to what is being called Healthy Keto. When done correctly I realized what I called hunger was a chemical dependency. I officially knew what being hungry felt like. I understood that dieting is not about depriving myself but more about fueling my body and understanding what it needs to operate efficiently.

When working I usually start with inspirational stories and get my clients to understand how great you can feel when the body is getting the right foods. For myself choosing healing foods did the trick. I felt so fantastic and it just clicked and I started questioning food labels. When at the store I peruse the ingredients on everything. If it is not meant to be consumed I often make the dish from scratch. Ironically making my meals from scratch is so much more enjoyable.


Having the knowledge to shop ingredients that actually repairs the body is crucial. I recommend going to your local farmers market and question the farmers. My best days are when I eat plenty of vegetables and moderate protein. There are many cookbooks and free information available to help you develop a healthy mindset. Keto is so simple, it is very easy to follow and it's great for longevity. When done right, keto and paleo diets are awesome for a lifestyle change.

Thanks for reading

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