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Motivational Tools To Assist With A Lifestyle Change

So approaching a lifestyle change can be difficult. It's about making that decision to do it. It's not a will power or deprivation game. You are coming at this with longevity in mind. Think about the good you are doing to your body and the years you are adding to your life.

When it come to making the right food choices your attention to detail is important.

We all have freedom of choice and unfortunately the corner store or restaurant has nothing you would want to chose. Setting yourself up for success is paramount. Research the healthy options in your neighborhood. Seek out reliable establishments that put an emphasis on selling healthy products. Collect healthy recipes and try them out. Get into doing meal prep.

I say this is an opportunity for us to take our health in our own hands.

Being a nutritional coach and a personal chef, it's easy for me to prepare my meals and plan ahead. I offer my clients the ease and education of picking the right foods. I help them to create a lifestyle change. If you think you may need assistance get in touch.


So, How do you create a lifestyle change? Well firstly you need to make a declaration. A declaration is a formal announcement of the beginning of a state or condition. In simple words, You make a formal decision to yourself, no one else, it does not require a discussion. This is a contract with yourself, the minute you start to share your declaration is the minute it diminishes. This first step is very very important. If you are having a difficult time making a declaration, keep at it until you have conquered it. When you know without a doubt that you are unequivocally going to and are choosing the foods that make you feel good, is when you can share. Your whole world changes. These simply practices help with creating and believing your declaration.

  • Journal every day for at least 10 minutes about your out come.

  • Meditation

  • Creatively visualize yourself eating properly.

  • Make your bedroom into a sanctuary with good scented candles, great lighting, calming music, and wonderful pictures.

  • Stop making eating a big deal, eat only when you are hungry.

  • State positive affirmations to yourself while looking in the mirror.

  • Visit farmers market and talk with growers that are passionate about their products.

  • Relax food is everywhere stop making it complicated.

  • Create a daily detailed food log.

These common practices is what I instruct my clients to do. There are also more detailed practices that can be done to help you achieve a solid mindset change.

I hope this gets the ball rolling and if you need help,


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