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Ketogentic Lifestyle While Traveling

So I was in Seattle Washington last week and it was very interesting planning my meals. I thought it would be awesome to use my experiences as an example of how to navigate Keto dieting while traveling.

The first thing was I booked an extended stay type hotel, they usually have a full refrigerator, stove, dishes and cooking utensils. I stayed at the Hyatt House in Bellevue, Washington. Moderately priced , close to the people I was visiting, and all the things I would need to keep on track was within a mile.

I was prepared to make my meals if I had to. At the very least have a big enough kitchen to store my healthy staples to keep me on track with the keto lifestyle.


I had really good options of markets to choose from and Seattle has amazing seafood markets that have really fresh seafood. I had Whole Foods , PCC community markets, Trader Joe's and Fred Meyers markets. Between these markets I was covered to have all the things I needed.

Whole Foods , which is in almost every large city, had really good options. Their prepared foods could be adjusted to be keto but where they shined was in the keto bars, shakes, and great selection of nuts and seeds.

PCC community market (Puget Consumers Co-op) is a Co-op and they are very high end. The great thing about a co-op is the community owns the market and have some say into what the market sells. So they have great ingredients that are keto friendly especially the proteins. There prepared foods are good but a close look at the ingredients is necessary. Because they are a Co-op, they open 6am and are extremely accommodating. I was happy they welcome the public, not every Co-op is open to the general public. PCC allowed me to order food with my specifications in mind and they also have an open salad bar which was fantastic for me.

Trader Joe's which is in many cities across the US, has good options. They shined with their organic produce and fancy cheeses.

Fred Meyer grocery stores was good, they are a good regular grocery store. They have almost everything. It's a good place to get your staples and was the most affordable.


When I went out to eat with the group I was visiting, I requested to meet at a restaurant that had salads and grilled protein options on the menu.

The first day I was taken to a new trendy restaurant in town that had nothing grilled, or baked. The menu consisted of sugar, and carbohydrates. I got so lucky because I asked the chef to make me guacamole and I kind of munched on that and did not eat the plantain chips that accompanied them. I drank Titos Vodka and soda with limes. When I arrived at my hotel I was able to prepare something that not only was keto but made me feel good.

Again, This Friday I am off to Lake Arrow Head for a 3 day music conference. I booked an extended stay type hotel that has a full Refrigerator, stove, cooking utensils and eating utensils.

Lake Arrow Head has an amazing farmers market on Saturdays. I am in close proximity to a few other specialty and conventional food stores. I am planing ahead to limit any surprises. Also I located a target, Walmart and Dollar store to get a large BPA free plastic container so I can make a large salad and store it. Taking the time to plan your travels can really benefit you.

If you are traveling with a group it can become a little difficult. Oftentimes the group operates from a derivation mindset and they make the assumption you are as well. They are often annoying you to consume what they are consuming. Bread, alcohol, candy are usually whats being offered. This requires you to stand your ground. Be grounded in the lifestyle that you chose. What I do is I get my own hotel room and I stock the refrigerator. I set up boundaries around having heated conversations on what they think I should eat. I don't talk about politics, religion, and food choices. I got so good at changing the conversation when these subject matters come up. Just remember you made a decision to eat a certain way. You made that decision for you not anyone else. Explaining your self is not necessary and is none of anybodies business. Stand your ground and know that your body thanks you.

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