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It's All About The Fat On Keto

I remember being told that fat makes you fat which is not true. When I am at the grocery store I see everyone reaching for the fat free, 2% fat and to think these products replace the fat with sugar. Excess sugar is not good, I think we can agree on that. I instruct my clients to always reach for the full fat dairy and when buying nut milks reach for the unsweetened products.

It's no secret that fat is very important especially while doing keto diet. In general the body needs fat for various important reasons. While on keto the body needs more fat to replace the carbohydrates. The fat becomes the primary energy source. I have written blogs on what foods are needed to successfully win with keto.

I thought it was also very important to stress how vital fat intake is. Recently some new terms have approached the dieting trend like keto flu, and keto rash. This is just a lack of sufficient fats and/or potassium. I have come across some weird symptoms and the culprit was insufficient fat.

Now with that said, keto dieters are gorging on bacon. There is nothing wrong with bacon but if it's your main source of fat, that's a problem. As you all already know I am a big advocate for healthy keto. My clients have greater success eating this way. Quality is the name of the game. Choosing the best quality foods you can find with a focus on healthy fats. Here are some excellent fats to choose from,

  • Olive Oil Cold Press

  • Avocado

  • Salmon wild no color added

  • Eggs organic pasteurized

  • Coconut Oil

  • Hemp Seed

  • Sardines in olive oil

  • Flax Seed

  • Chia Seed

  • Cacao Nibs

  • Full Fat Greek Yogurt with low sugar

So if we are having bacon, look for the nitrate and nitrites free or organic.

Sometimes I make a salmon salad with avocados, eggs, cucumber and some kind of leafy greens. My dressing is olive and coconut oils with Dijon mustard, lime and lemon. This dish is 70% fat and is packed with nutrients. It's also a good dish to eat if you are working out or recovering from a workout. Oftentimes when crushed for time, I do a healthy shake and/or a fat snack.


So it is all about the healthy fats. Oddly enough when shopping some of these healthy fats can be difficult to locate. It baffles me that the grocery stores are not on this tip or maybe the demand isn't there. With information like this hopefully that will change soon. I get so spoiled sometimes because in Hollywood (where I live) their is a high demand for this information and the products that goes along with it.

I have the privilege of being able to share this information and change peoples lives. I am prod to say I help people to live their best lives. It's also been an education for me and it helps me create and maintain a lifestyle change. I never get cravings for baked goods, fried foods, or carbohydrates. Five years ago I could not live with potato chips and focusing on information like this, I have lost that addiction. If you are finding it difficult to change your eating habits or not familiar with keto and would like to give it a try, contact us.



Thanks for reading.

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