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How to successfully drink alcohol on keto

Drinking is one of the favorite pastime some of my clients say they miss while doing the keto diet. So I decided to create some easy alcohol recipes that can be made at any restaurant, bar and/or the comfort of your home. Keto is not about depriving yourself but its about making an educated decision on your health. Unfortunately we are in the minority at bars so take matters in your hands.


I have created some recipes that are very easy to follow and will spice up your entertainment life.

So alcohol overall slow the ketosis process. When alcohol is consumed during ketosis your body will convert to using acetate as an energy source. The body will use acetate first before going back to fat. The trick is to not over do it and to limit as much sugar as possible. Being knowledgeable about the sugar content of the alcohol you are consuming is key. Although light beer can work if you are within your daily macros, I suggest sticking to spirits. Be careful because some spirits are flavored with caramel, fruit and wheat. For example white rum as zero carbs but spiced or aged rum contains sugar. To make my life easy I only choose plain rum, vodka and gin with no flavor added. The mixers are the worst thing anyone can drink. They are loaded with sugar and chemicals. So the recipes are of the healthiest you could find when visiting a restaurant or bar. Some of the ingredients that I chose from and that you can probably bring with you are:

  • Electrolyte powder (individual sleeve and zero sugar)

  • Fresh lemon and lime (not from the bar gun)

  • Soda water

  • Diet Tonic (use very little the synthetic sugar is not good)

  • Fresh herbs (rosemary, thyme, ginger)

  • Fresh Blue and Black berries

  • Iced coffee

  • Stevia

  • Salt

  • Bacon

  • Fresh Mint

  • Fresh Cucumber

Vodka, soda with a lime is the easiest drink to order. Any establishment can make this drink. So if all else fails you can get this drink. You can also spice it up with a little electrolyte powder and mix with a straw.

Vodka rainbow

1 shot plain vodka (Titos)

2 splash soda water

1 tablespoon electrolyte powder (any flavor zero sugar)

1 wedge lime

Place in glass with ice and stir.

Gin cocktail fiss

1 shot gin

2 lemon juiced

1 rosemary sprig

2 package stevia

1 splash diet tonic water

Mix lemon juice and stevia together in serving glass, light with fingers tare rosemary to release oils and add to glass, add ice, gin and shake.

Gin ginger jig

1 shot gin

1 tablespoon ginger juice (fresh ginger minced)

1 slice ginger for garnish

4 tablespoon soda water

2 limes juiced

sprig of fresh thyme

In a cocktail glass add fresh thyme and muddle with a spoon, add all other ingredients and shake.

Vodka keto

2 shots vodka

2 lime juiced

4 blackberries

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 cup soda water

2 bacon strips cooked for garnish

Makes two serving. In a mixer muddle blackberries and salt, add lime and stir, add vodka, soda water and ice. Shake well and pour into 2 glass and garnish with a strip of bacon.

Coffee punch

1 cup iced coffee

1 shot gin

3 packet stevia

2 sprig fresh mint ( one for drink, one for garnish)

2 splash diet tonic water

In a cocktail mixer add mint and muddle, add stevia, coffee and gin. Shake well with ice and garnish with fresh mint.

Rum blast

1 shot rum

1/2 shot gin

1 tablespoon electrolyte powder (zero sugar, any flavor)

1 lemon, 1 lime juiced, lemon twist

1 tablespoon blueberries

1 sprig fresh mint

2 packet stevia

3 splash soda water

In a Collins glass add blueberries, mint and muddle, add electrolyte powder, stevia, lemon lime juice, rum and gin, shake well with ice and add soda water and garnish with lemon twist.

Vodka cucumber mint

2 shots vodka

4 slices of cucumber

1 sprig mint

1 sprig thyme

1 package stevia

1 lime juiced

4 splash soda water

In a Collins glass and cucumber, mint, thyme and lime juice. Muddle and add vodka, stevia and soda water, shake well with ice.

These recipes are fun and I encourage you to adjust them to your liking. Electrolyte powder, stevia and even fresh herbs can travel with you. If the bartender can't accommodate you , do it yourself. Interesting fact is an hangover is largely induced by the amount of sugar consumed with the alcohol or oftentimes you consume large amounts of sugar which leads to a sugar coma. A sugar coma and a hangover is a bad combination to battle. So think of that the next time you are out drinking.

Thanks for reading and any questions visit my site and send an email.

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