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How to find the hidden sugars and fillers in food

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Oftentimes I get a client that are totally oblivious to why they are not successful with their diet or eating lifestyle change. Manufactures are getting clever with hiding not so favorable ingredients and chemicals that are present in our foods. learning to read food labels, understanding serving size and how strict the requirements are for the food administration is vital information to know before going to the markets.

For example, the label to the left has the following

  • 5 serving per container

  • serving size is 2 tablespoon

  • each serving (2tbsp) contains 35 calories

  • total carb per (2tbsp) 7g

  • dietary fiber 2g per (2tbsp)

  • total sugar 4g per (2tbsp)

  • 0 added sugar

So the total carbohydrate is 7g and the fiber is 2g. The body cannot digest fiber so we subtract the fiber from total carbs which gives 5g net carbs. So each 2 tablespoons of this product contains 5g net carbs and a total carbs for the whole container is 25g net carbs. ( 5 servings multiplied by total net carbs per serving ) This product also as 0 added sugar which is great and that tells us that the sugar that is present is natural. While on keto I would only use 2 tablespoons max of this product, which yields 5g carbs. Where the problems lies is not being aware of this knowledge and consuming the whole container (25g net carbs) which without a doubt will take you out of ketosis. So this product contains,

  • total carbs 25g

  • total calories 175 (35 multiplied by 5)

  • total protein 5g (1 multiplied by 5)

  • 0 fat

  • 125mg of sodium

The ingredients of this product are tomato paste and citric acid. So which brings us to another issue. Citric Acid which is naturally occurring in fruits has some good health benefits. Citric Acid in prepacked foods are a man made form of this which is labeled a chemical. Although small amounts of this is practically harmless but not being aware of how is being consumed can be dangerous. There have been health issues that were associated with an over abundance of citric acid. So healthy keto is trying to consume foods in its natural form. Being a chef I have learned to make my sauces form whole natrual ingredients omitting preservatives.

Now a days many forms of preservatives are showing up on food labels and the requirements for manufactures are becoming lacks. Some common preservatives that are currently being used,

  • Nitrites

  • BHA and BHT

  • Added Sulfites

  • Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Benzoates

  • Artificial food coloring

  • High fructose corn syrup

  • Carrageneenan

  • Artificial sweeteners

  • MSG

to name a few and there are many others being created everyday. Also the names of the popular preservatives are being named differently. For example MSG is monosoduim glutamate and now its been showing on labels as UNII-W81N5UR6U and monohydrate. There are about 6 different names for MSG. High fructose corn syrup can be known as glucose-fructose, and isoglucose. This is so crazy, unless you are educated about this you will not even know you are consuming chemicals. This is why I recommend eating whole foods and whenever possible make your own food.

Now as far as the requirements for the food and drug administration, what you are reading on the package is not necessarily whats in the package. For example, meat has many different categories. According to the USDA natural meat as no artificial ingredients but has been fed ingredients that have been genetically modified and Organic is no artificial ingredients but can be fed corn and soy which are genetically modified. Grass Fed is the meat was fed grass diet but not entirely and Grass finished is meat was completely fed a grass diet. so when shopping look for 100% grass fed, grass finished or 100% organic. Organic is not necessarily grass fed but 100% grass fed is organic. So confusing which is why I highly recommend you looking at my food list.

This recipe to the left is perfectly healthy keto.

Vegetables salad with lemon vinaigrette topped with organic chicken salad made with keto mayonnaise (organic eggs and avocado oil)

all the vegetables are 100% organic and low glycemic, The chicken is Organic and all the dressings and sauces are homemade from organic keto approved ingredients.

Another ingredients that can cause many issues is coconut water. The container said 100% coconut water but leaves out how it has been processed. This processing includes heating, mixing with sugar, and steaming. It also undergoes sterilization and filtration. This product is striped of its nutrients. When buying coconut water we look for raw all natural and organic.

many of our foods that says organic are not necessarily 100% organic and this is within there guidelines of the food and drug administration.

For this reason and many others is why became a personal chef. I source the ingredients and make everything form scrach. Many of my clients thank me often. Some of the common prases are,

  • They sleep better

  • Enormous energy

  • Most of their aliments have disapeared

  • Mental sharpness

  • They seems to be more patient

  • They eat less

I am so appreciete that I can share my knowledge to better others. It is so fulfilling.

thanks for reading and I trust that this information is useful to you.

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