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Creating a lifestyle change with diet

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Creating a lifestyle change with our diet can be daunting. With all the temptations larking everywhere it can almost be impossible. What seems to work for many of my clients is focusing on what the food does to them when consumed. Feeling nauseous, sleepy, and having brain fog are some of the common complaints. Being told they have been diagnose with diseases and health complications are too familiar situations I get amongst some of my clients. I emphasize these situations and educate my clients on some of the possible culprits. Together we devise a plan to make healthier ingredients the primary source of what they consume.

This simple adjustment usually has an enormous impact on lab work, how the client feels and over all out look on life. oftentimes the impact is so well received the client cannot go back to the way they were eating. Overtime the body looses it's cravings to these ingredients and wants to gravitate to natural foods.

For the first time in my life I felt what hunger was. I realized I had developed dependencies on the chemicals and sugars that are prevalent in our foods . Mind blown, I made a conscientious effort to share this with the world. I am a big advocate of choosing whole natural foods over prepackage and badly prepared foods.

One of the services I offer my clients is the preparation of a healthier option of a dish that is so packed with junk. This also reeducates us both on what is really healthy and what the body require to feel satisfied. Feeling satisfied is also an individual thing. Our bodies require different nutrients and one size does not fit all. I love taking a popular dish and making 4 different recipes of that dish for example,

a simple Hamburger patty.

Keto, Paleo Hamburger



2 tablespoon COCONUT FLOUR

1 tablespoon GRASS FED BUTTER

1 garlic clove minced, 1/2 teaspoon chopped parsley

1 pinch HIMALAYAN SALT and crack black pepper

With Paleo I can add onions, a natural fruit chutney , maybe even starchy vegetable like baked potato but even better a baked sweet potato. The body slowly uses the sugar in a sweet potato.

With keto I must adhere to higher fiber, low glycemic vegetable and proteins. Onions are a borderline vegetable because of it's sugar content and not enough fiber to offset the sugar. While on keto the portion size of the onion is important. Onions can have up to 12g carbs, so eating 1/4 of that portion can work. Substituting scallions, which are in the onion family and contain even more health benefits, can be perfect choice to make.

Vegan Burger

2 tablespoon slightly cooked LENTILS

1 teaspoon raw FLAXSEED

1 teaspoon CHIA SEED

2 tablespoon raw BUTTON MUSHROOMS

1 tablespoon ALL PURPOSE FLOUR

1 teaspoon CORN STARCH

herbs and spices

Gluten free version would omit all purpose flour and corn starch and add 2 tablespoon almond flour.

Vegetable burger I would omit the seeds and add shredded carrots, chopped bell pepper.

When eating out I coach my keto clients to stick to Grilled Proteins, Vegetables in butter and Simply Salads with oil and vinegar. What that looks like,

Appetizer Shrimp cocktail without sauce use lemon instead, Raw Oysters , Clams with lemon

Main Coarse Grilled Ribeye with compound butter, sauteed Broccoli and because we are not having dessert , a simple salad or wedge salad with main course might work.

Vegetarians clients can be a little tricky because some restaurants use butter to cook vegetables or chicken stock in vegetarian soups and sauces. I usually suggest Steam veggies, a Baked potato and Salads with dressing on side. Vegetarians have to be mindful that they are getting some protein from vegetable source of course.

At home I recommend not having any prepackage foods and maybe doing some kind of meal prep. A few of my clients I go to the homes 2 times weekly and stock the refrigerator with a few prepared portioned dishes. Depending on what your dietary plan is, this is so convenient to have this service or plan ahead and prepare dishes yourself for the week. I stress to my clients that they cannot depend on the restaurant to have foods that keep them within their diary lifestyle. Planning ahead is the best option.

What I do is I travel discreetly with stevia and sometimes my own salad dressings. When out drinking my go to is usually vodka and soda with a lime. These little tricks usually works well with keeping most people on track. Developing this mindset does take time and the perspective should not be a burden. Knowing that you are taking care of your body and helping your body to function properly is the perspective I coach clients to come from.

Thank you for reading and if you need any help with developing a mindset that will point you in the right direction, contact me.

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