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Clean Keto and how it works

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Ketogenic diet as become a fad and it's been around for decades.

The keto diet has oftentimes been compared to the atkins diet which was the fad in the 90's. Both diets restricts carbohydrates intake with keto having a specific food list to choose from. Low glycemic vegetables, grass finished and organic meats and specific list of nut and seed oils to choose from.

Clean Keto follows these principles while avoiding prepackaged foods, farm raised fish with color added and bottled sauces and dressings that contains hidden chemicals and preservatives. The ideas of clean keto is to not raise glycemic index too much throughout the day. Also avoiding unnecessary chemicals and fillers is key. Eating 6 to 8 cups of raw vegetables gives your gut biome energy to clean and improve immunity. Clean keto is very similar to Paleo diet with healthy fats added and low glycemic vegetable and fruit.

Paleo diet is what foods that were consumed during the paleolithic era. Lean meats, Fish, Fruits, Vegetables, nuts and seeds. During this time I don't think we had all the growth hormones and fillers, color and chemicals in the foods. Foods were naturally organic. Healthy keto encompasses these principals with a focus on low glycemic ingredients.

Glycemic index is the assigned value given to a food according to how quickly or slowly those causes an increase in blood glucose levels. Low level glycemic index foods release sugar (glucose) slowly and steadily while high levels release sugar rapidly. Low levels foster weight loss while high levels foster weight gain and health issues. When strenuously exercising a high level of glucose can be great. If the body does not utilize the glucose then we have issues.

Low glycemic level is 55 or lower

Medium glycemic level is 56-69

High glycemic level is 70 or higher

Foods that do not have carbs is not assigned a glycemic index. (protein,herbs, spices, water)

To be successful with keto, it is advisable to consume foods with no glycemic index, low glycemic index and high fiber foods. The lower the GI and the higher the fiber ,the faster you will see result with keto.

Some foods that are on my approved keto food list and below 20 GI are,

Green leafy vegetable

Broccoli,Cucumber, Tomatoes

Walnuts, Pistachios, Macadamias,

Coconut and olive oils

Check out my approved food list

Here is an excellent breakfast that encompasses healthy keto.

Click on picture to see full recipe.

3 eggs sauteed in coconut oil with roasted broccoli, tomatoes,

asparagus, bell peppers and watercress.

Perfect breakfast, healthy fats, raw and cooked vegetables, and

moderated protein.

The vegetables also provide the nutrients especially, potassium which is very important on keto.

Understanding why we choose the foods we do is a great way to stay on tract with keto. After reaching your particular goals, I recommend implementing a slightly Paleo diet. I thank you for reading and if you are in need of help with the keto diet feel free to contact me.

High carbohydrate foods

White bread 75

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