Chef Keith Thomas is a private chef, consultant, and Keto diet expert. I can be contacted to discuss personal chef assignments, a coach to help you with your next big culinary idea, and questions about diet especially Keto.
As a private chef, I will tailor your daily meals to your specifications.
When consulting, I can pull from my many years of experience in hotels, restaurants, and catering companies.  I travel often and worked all over the world. I have developed many specialties that I can bring to the table.
Keto, I can help you be successful on Keto and build a meal plan that fits your lifestyle.
I'm happy when I have the opportunity to share my gift of food.
The Ketogenic Diet is one of the most popular diets around, with millions of people finding weight loss success through it. The reason is simply because of the amazing food you can still eat while following this plan. And now, with The Gourmet Keto Recipes from all Around the World, you have a complete book on the Keto Diet, where you can treat yourself and your family to some amazing low-carb recipes that will provide the taste and nutrition you crave.

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