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About Chef Keith


Born in Jamaica and relocated to the United States in the late 70's. I grew up around food and was blessed that my mother helped me to discover my passion for food.

I started out helping around the house and with dinner parties until I started cooking professionally.  I was also fortunate to have work with some incredible chefs before studying culinary arts in New York City. I traveled to Europe and learned the foods of many cultures. 

I returned to the states and started catering events and consulting for restaurants and hotels.

Currently, I am a private Chef, restaurant consultant and I also teach classes.  I travel the world spreading my knowledge of food and transforming people's health. " You Are What You Eat"


My Philosophy


It's very simple. I use great ingredients, avoid food fillers, and I possess a talent for making culinary creations taste good. 

Making clean and nutritious food actually rids the body of being dependent upon heavy salts, refined carbohydrates, and chemicals.

I fuel the body while not compensating for great taste. I strive to make each dish as balance as the body requires. I tailor your meals to energize, keep you satisfied, and to create a support system to aid your body in optimum health. I am constantly researching current and new trends in the health food industry. I have close relationships with organic farmers and I have a 100% integrity with what I serve my clients to consume. My Philosophy is "Health Is Wealth"

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